The Selkie's Haunt

Thank you for your patience. The last year, particularly the last six months, has been so difficult. But my beloved's pain is over now. Chris died on September 30th, here at the house, with me beside him as he took his last breath. I have never felt the level of sadness I feel right now. But Chris must have had a word with my muse, because in the last week, I have felt an urge to create again. I hope it won't be long until I am able to offer new designs here on the website. In the meantime, thank you all for everything - for all the support and love you have shown us over this time of challenge and despair. Grief will set its own course, this I know. But I will create again because that's what Chris wanted. I just don't know how I will be able to adjust to not showing him a new piece when I finish - he was always my best support.

tryptych of cabochons

For handmade bronze and copper artisan jewellery - each design unique and most showcasing collectors'/musuem quality jaspers and agates.