The Selkie's Haunt

 Thank you all for your patience in awaiting new designs and a new look to the site. I have always been forthright with my clients and always will be. My beloved husband's cancer is progressing and he is spending more and more time resting or sleeping. While I still create jewellery and take part in a local weekly market, I spend most of my time keeping him company - I know that in the not-so-distant future, that will no longer be an option. I am in the process of creating more jewellery, but have yet to photograph or display them here.  That will have to wait. My priority now is spending time with Chris. Thank you for understanding. And thank you to the many of you who may be reading this who visited with me at the market and shared your own accounts of the journeys you have been part of when dealing with cancer. Your words, hugs, and hand squeezes mean more than you could begin to imagine.

tryptych of cabochons