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  1. This time has come to return to my bench. It has been five months since my beloved Chris left behind the pain and his spirit gained its ultimate freedom. I miss him more than I can say, but I feel him with me, in my heart and in my mind.

    I have no promises to make - grief is a strange companion without any schedule or agenda. Each day comes and I go with the flow. But it is time to flow back into my creativity again. I've done some redecorating in the house, keeping Chris' joie de vivre here, but ridding myself of those things that are permanently reminiscent of his death. And I am redecorating in a way that he would - and will - love. Inspired by his favourite place in the world - Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex - I am going to allow colour and texture and art to take the lead in each room. It will give me a fresh perspective while celebrating all that was wonderful, spontaneous, and loving about my beloved.

    Over the past year, I made very little jewellery, but I didn't stop designing in my mind (and on paper) and I still bought stones when something made me stop and catch me breath. My latest acquisition will be one of the first pieces I used to create something - probably a pendant in this case. Like the rainbow calsilica, which is formed by the dust of tile factories in Mexico, this latest acquisition is another trash to treasure. Like pieces I've bought before, this is Fordite - a "gemstone" made from layers of old car paint. The classic Fordite tends to be quite "quiet" in its colours, but this piece, from a slightly different Ford source, took my breath away.

    KAPOWCreated by layers of paint in a Corvette factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky, this Fordite is much brighter in colour, with more variations and more metallics. The moment I saw this piece, I knew that the name of the piece of jewellery that would result would have to be called "Kapow!" Can you see why that name come to mind immediately? I think I will pair this amazing piece with bronze and create a pendant worthy of a superhero. What fun! The colours instantly sent me back in time to my childhood and my collection of Superman comic books. I adore these bright colours and the energy that seems to radiate from this "stone." I can't wait to see what comes off the bench when I'm done!

    You will notice changes to the website over the course of March as I add jewellery and updated information. I would like to say thank you to all of you who have waited so patiently and been in touch with your kind words of love and support. It has meant everything to me. I hope, as I start once more with my art, that I will not disappoint. I have Chris with me in spirit to guide me and support me. How can I possibly fail with such an amazing guardian angel?