The Artists


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Martha Mawson - Jewellery Designer, Metalsmith

Martha Mawson is an American ex-pat born in New York City and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia before moving to the UK in 2000 and discovering her Scottish soul. She and her husband, photo-artist Chris Mawson (, live in the northwest Highlands of Scotland on the banks of the beautiful and enchanted Loch Ewe - having made their dream of a simple life in the Highlands a reality. It is here that both she and Chris gain their inspiration for what they do. The Selkie's Haunt is the sister business to Martha's fine jewellery business, Ailleas Designs by Martha Mawson.

The creative arts have been part of Martha's life from the very begining. Both her parents were creative people and encouraged and nurtured Martha when she began drawing and painting. While still in her teens, she was introduced to three-dimensional design through sculpture, clay, and paper.  She loved the feel of three-dimensional design and the tactile elements of sculpture. Martha attended a respected women's university where she gained a liberal arts degree and added theatrical set and makeup design to her list of artistic pursuits. Her decision to design and make jewellery combines her love of creation with her even greater love for unique and bold jewellery. 

Martha's philosophy has been and always will be to source the best materials - stones and metal - and to create small works of art from those materials; to provide her customers with unique, high quality pieces of jewellery they can wear with pride. Each piece of jewellery gets her full attention and expertise. She uses age old techniques, employing her hands, simple tools, a bit of fire, and a whole lot of imagination and inspiration. Please note that all work is supervised by Gracie, the blue and cream British Shorthair who has become ruler of the roost! gracieforwebsite

Kate O'Keefe - Illustrator/Artist

Kate O’Keefe is a traditional illustrator from Toronto, Canada. She was trained in illustrations at Max the Mutt school for animation and illustration and has since worked in several different grounds of visual art, including children’s books. Her work has been influenced by the likes of Arthur Rackham, Frida Kahlo, Christian Schloe, and Victoria Francés. On the rare occasion that she is not found painting or drawing, Kate can often be found reading, writing, drinking tea, and getting lost in the woods.

You can see more of Kate's beautiful work on her website -